Would registering your supplement unlock huge sales potential?

The challenge

To grow its business, this French pharmaceutical company specializing in women’s health chose not to expand its product line, but rather to expand the distribution of its flagship product: a natural health extract that promotes urinary tract health. There was just one problem. Expanding distribution relied heavily on gaining CTD dossier status of the product, a distinction no other similar supplement had achieved thus far. In addition, the company lacked the distribution channels to sell its product overseas. It needed a full-service CDMO to help prove the medicinal benefits, manufacture the product, and export it.

SFI Health solution

Despite the fact that natural products are notoriously difficult to obtain registration on, SFI Health’s product development team helped the client gain regulatory approval of the supplement as a medicinal product. As a result, the client now has the only registered supplement with this natural extract on the market in the UK, France, and other countries—a huge point of differentiation in a crowded supplement market. SFI Health additionally took over manufacturing and packaging of the product at its facility in Switzerland, enabling the client to gain approval by the Saudi FDA to distribute the product in the Middle East. Finally, SFI Health’s distribution network helped the client introduce the product in South Africa. All in all, SFI Health provided a strong solution for both expanded market access and global sales distribution.

The outcome

SFI Health’s multifunctional team brought a wide range of solutions to bear, enabling the client to achieve its desired outcomes in a timely manner. By helping the client gain registration status and distribution in several new markets, sales of its flagship product grew by 30% in just one year. Looking forward, the company forecasts 10% annual growth as a direct result of this project.

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