We are a proud global specialist CDMO.

Are you looking to appoint a CDMO to work with you on pharmaceutical or nutraceutical new products? Or to collaborate with you to improve a line within your current product portfolio? Discover how we’re solving clients’ CDMO challenges all around the globe by reading our case studies.

Supply disruption
Are supply disruptions hindering your market share?
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Is your label supplier causing supply risk?
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Regulatory expertise
Do you have the regulatory expertise to enter a new market?
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Capsule to tablet
From capsule to tablet in six weeks
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Increase capsule capacity
Need to increase capsule capacity.
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Reformulate for regulations
Need to reformulate for new regulations and market needs?
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Financial gain
Turning potential revenue loss into financial gain
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Is your CDMO causing a supply disruption?
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Analysis and production
Accelerate launches by bringing analysis and production under one roof
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New product line
CDMO switch enables the launch of a product line in just six months
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Registering supplement
Would registering your supplement unlock huge sales potential?
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Sustainable packaging
New sustainable packaging line prepares a company for US and China launch
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