New sustainable packaging line prepares a company for US and China launch

The challenge

The success of its core natural beverage line had helped this English company get acquired by a multinational consumer goods enterprise. The parent organisation planned to launch a line of high-end supplemental teas in the US, but packaging became an area of concern. Although the herbal teas were fair trade, organic, and made with the highest quality ingredients, the packaging consisted of unrecyclable materials—a factor that didn’t mesh with the parent company’s goal of using only plastic-free packaging within the next five years. The client needed a solution to introduce fast and sustainable packaging for its US product launch.

SFI Health solution

In this case, the solution required more than just better packaging. It required a cross-departmental effort from SFI Health to guarantee product and packaging stability, among other criteria. Since the packaging line the customer needed didn’t previously exist, SFI Health worked closely with the client to develop and implement a new high-speed, cost-effective, and sustainable packaging line. This included assessing technical requirements, sourcing suppliers, and defining user requirements, among other tasks. Given SFI Health also manufactures the products at its UK facility, it is now the client’s full-service CDMO.


Thanks to SFI Health Solutions’ experience as supplement packaging manufacturers and its solution, the client is now poised to introduce a fully sustainable line of supplements in the US in 2021, and China in 2022. In addition, the high-quality packaging now matches the high-quality products, further enhancing the value of the product line. As such, the client expects product sales to grow by 50% over the next two years.

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