With world-class production facilities in the USA, UK, and Switzerland, SFI Health Solutions helps natural healthcare companies realise their opportunities and address their challenges, wherever in the world their markets are, and wherever in the world they want their products to be. Based on client needs, we can also engage our sister company’s world-class production facilities in Indonesia.


SFI Health Solutions, EMEA

Soho Flordis International Switzerland SA
Via Mulini, 6934 Bioggio, Switzerland
P: +41 91 610 3111
E: Solutions.EMEA@sfihealth.com

Christian Von Dach –
Head of BU, Health Solutions, EMEA

Sabrina Consonni –
Marketing & Account Specialist

Valeria Mignosi –
Business Development Manager SFI Health Solutions

Christian Caprara –
Senior Account & Project Manager

Tanya Critchley –
Account & Project Coordinator

Dunja Wojaczek –
External Solution Manager SFI Solutions

Maria Bailo –
Account & Project Manager

SFI Health Solutions, Americas

SFI Health USA
795 Trademark Dr. Reno, NV 89521 United States of America
P: +1 888 488 2488
E: Solutions.USA@sfihealth.com

Matthew Brabazon –
Head of BU, Health Solutions, Americas

Candi Shuford –
Director of Custom and International Solutions

Dileep Boinipally –
Director of Formulation and Product Development

Stan Luithle –
Head of BU, Supply Chain Operations

SFI Health Solutions Australasia

SFI Health Australasia
Level 2, 170 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065, Australia
P: +61 2 9431 7200
E: Solutions.ASIA@sfihealth.com

Gilbert Cheong Foo –
General Manager, Asia

Rachel Carter –
Head of Sales and Marketing, Australia

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