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Welcome to SFI Health Solutions. We are a full-service Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) you can trust to Design, Develop and Deliver natural healthcare products to the very highest standards.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Whatever your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product challenge is, no matter its scale, or time frame, SFI Health Solutions can help you design a focused and tactical solution. We can develop a formulation for private label, deliver you an all-encompassing, end-to-end strategy, or anything in between.

We Design.

We Design with a deep understanding of our client’s challenges and compliance parameters.

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We Develop.

We Develop high-quality, cost-effective solutions tested to perform.

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We Deliver.

We Deliver at scale with flexibility, seamlessness, and the ability to quickly pivot with changes in the market.

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Countries serviced with offices in every region.

We are a global contract development and manufacturing organisation, specialising in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.


Our production facilities offer different kinds of manufacturing, analysis, sustainability initiatives, certifications, distribution and private label options. The entire network makes all options available to our clients, depending on where they and their markets are located.


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Certified Quality

Private Label Products

Guided by emerging research, as well as a passion for applying science to nature we are committed to both developing and distributing products for private brands.

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Are you outsourcing your portfolio productions, looking to appoint a CDMO to work with you on pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product innovation, or are you after a CDMO partner to improve a line within your current product portfolio?


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A new breed of CDMO.

From the outset, SFI Health Solutions was designed and structured to be an agile, flexible, high-quality CDMO.

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Natural ingredient expertise

SFI Health Solutions helps natural healthcare companies realise their business vision across a wide range of over the counter (OTC), dietary supplement and medical food formulations. Our team at SFI Health Solutions EMEA specialises in product formulations that contain herbs and botanicals and manages the daily mix of botanicals, vitamins, and minerals while our team at SFI Health Solutions Americas specialises in live cultures including strains, spores, yeast, bacteria, and fungi.

Innovation excellence

We have an extensive track record in applying innovation, creativity, and lateral thinking to resolving large-scale design and industry-wide manufacturing challenges for clients.

Environmental sustainability

We act with an eco-friendly approach, avoiding synthetic ingredients and proposing green packaging. We complete and manage your environmental sustainability applications, certifications, and related requirements.

Harness our global
manufacturing network.

With world-class production facilities in the USA, UK, and Switzerland, SFI Health Solutions helps natural healthcare companies realise their opportunities and address their challenges, wherever in the world their markets are, and wherever in the world they want their products to be. Based on client needs, we can also engage our sister company’s world-class production facilities in Indonesia.

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