The challenge

This Chinese nutraceutical company with a stronghold in China, the US, and Australia, sought to expand the market share of its products in Europe. It had successfully launched in the UK and Italy but needed a different approach for its launch in France. To meet its sales and marketing objectives in France, the company sought a CDMO to manufacture its product line in Switzerland. A simple enough goal, but the real challenge was timing. Launching a single nutraceutical product in a new market typically takes 4-5 months. The client needed a production transfer for all 17 products in just six months.


SFI Health solution

Given both the urgency and complexity of the project, SFI Health’s first step was implementing a project management system to ensure a rigorous transfer of production. Once the two companies aligned on project milestones and timelines, SFI Health turned its attention to assessing product formulas. It found ways to reformulate and improve five of the 17 products. Production of the entire product line was then transferred to SFI Health’s manufacturing plant in Switzerland, helping the client launch the product line in France ahead of its aggressive deadline.


The outcome

With the help of SFI Health, the client launched 17 products in France in less than six months, including five products that were reformulated for higher quality. Critically, the nutraceutical giant was also able to retain the unique selling position of its product line by moving production to Switzerland. At the beginning of the project, the two companies agreed on a set of ambitious KPIs including cost, time to market, and product quality. In the end, every KPI was met.

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