The challenge

A global nutraceutical company was searching for a CDMO to increase the dosage and potency of its product which was being sold across Europe and North America. The capsule needed to change from 450mg to 750mg without growing in physical size or serving size. Retailers demanding the change provided a short timeline to complete the task. When the client’s current manufacturer said it was unable to accommodate the request, the client turned to SFI.


SFI Health solution

SFI solved the challenge by offering “the most creative and out-of-the-box solution,” according to the client. The SFI team pushed boundaries to find a way to tablet the ingredients, effectively keeping the serving and supplement size the same. Up to that point, no other manufacturer had considered that approach. In this case, it was SFI’s innovative process and product development expertise that enabled the client to produce a more potent and higher quality product within the desired timeframe.


The outcome

By looking at the problem through a different lens, SFI helped the client improve the product and satisfy retailer demands within six weeks of engagement. As a result, the client was able to meet the tight deadline and retain shelf space with a more potent product. The client expects the product to double in sales in 2021.

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