Turning potential revenue loss into financial gain

The challenge

A growing pharmaceutical company specialising in pregnancy-related products sought to maintain strong sales of its iron therapeutic, an established reference in Switzerland. The product’s iron content, however, no longer complied with Swiss regulations, triggering a deficiency letter from federal authorities. The client urgently needed a new formula to comply with regulations and to try to turn a potential revenue loss into a financial gain. Without it, the company risked losing reference for the product and thus an estimated 10% of annual revenue. Having successfully completed similar projects with SFI Health in the past, the client once again turned to SFI Health Solutions, one of the supplement formulation companies, for help reformulating the product within the given timeframe.

SFI Health solution

After analysing the new regulations, SFI Health’s product development team reformulated the product to solve the problem. The formula upgrade not only corrected the iron issue but also included adding state-of-the-art excipients. In addition, SFI, among the most innovative supplement formulation companies, helped the client develop a strategic regulatory plan for re-registering the product as an OTC in the Swiss market. After the client approved this new go-to-market strategy, SFI Health’s cross-departmental team—including R&D, drug regulatory affairs, and project management—worked alongside the client to implement the plan, concluding with the successful submission of the dossier to the health authorities.

The outcome

SFI Health’s end-to-end capability helped the client turn a potential revenue loss into a financial gain and maintain the product’s OTC status in the Swiss market. The new formula not only prevented the loss of revenue, it helped the client grow sales by 5% and improve its reputation and credibility in Switzerland.

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