Are supply disruptions hindering your market share?

The challenge

A global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company sought to expand the market share of a tableted formula. But this strategy was hampered by supply disruptions to its flagship product: a group of difficult-to-formulate dietary supplements with enzymes. The client’s CMO had been unable to find any manufacturers of enzyme supplements, creating a supply risk. It urgently needed an experienced CDMO that could expedite product and manufacturing improvements while meeting high-quality specifications. Lack of a solution risked causing financial and reputational damage to the company while preventing it from achieving its market expansion goals.

SFI Health solution

Having successfully collaborated with SFI Health in Europe, the client turned to SFI once again, although he had not previously considered it among enzyme supplement manufacturers. In the US, SFI’s product development team accepted the challenge and not only developed a tablet version that was more reliable but also provided a pilot batch in capsule form. The format change enabled the client to add the enzymes they struggled to incorporate as a tablet and ultimately resolve its supply risk problem with an innovative solution.

The outcome

SFI Health, standing up to other enzyme supplement manufacturers, has helped the client fix its supply disruption within six weeks, and migrate 100% of its volume to the capsule version within five months from development. This outcome was enabled by SFI’s end-to-end capability which combines economies of scale, strategic sourcing, and flexible scheduling to quickly resolve complex production problems on a global scale.

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