The challenge

From watches to scarves to medicine, the label of “Swiss made” is synonymous with quality. So when this Swiss pharmaceutical company learned its CDMO was moving production to Eastern Europe, it needed to find a new GMP-approved manufacturer in Switzerland—and fast. Failure to find a local option, and its associated “Swiss-made” stamp would hurt the company so the client urgently had to find a local manufacturer to avoid supply disruption and maintain these important product distinctions.


SFI Health solution

As an SFI customer for many years, the client relied on SFI Health to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Indeed, SFI Health managed a fast manufacturing transfer to its facility in Switzerland, thus helping the client maintain the “Swiss made” status for all three products. In addition, SFI performed stability studies and discovered how to increase the shelf life of each product using new formulas. Plus, because SFI’s facility in Switzerland is approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, the client could fulfill its goal of expanding distribution to the Middle East.


The outcome

SFI Health helped the client reformulate the products and move production to its Swiss facility in just six months. As a result, the client can continue to reap the benefits of promoting its products as “Swiss made.” Moreover, the solution allowed the client to avoid supply disruption, prevent loss of sales, and distribute the products in the Middle East—a move expected to increase product sales by 10%.

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