Is your label supplier causing supply risk?

The challenge

A leading nutraceutical company was looking for dietary supplement label suppliers for its upcoming product launch. Due to supply chain issues, its current dietary supplement label supplier was unable to meet the tight deadline and refused to assist. The client found itself in a tight spot. Not only did it need labels fast, but it needed these labels to undergo claims review and US regulatory approval. Given this was a new product launch, missing its retail window was not an option. That’s when the client, of all dietary supplement label suppliers, turned to SFI Health.

SFI Health solution

SFI Health stepped in at the last minute to deliver the labels on time. With strong partnerships across the nutraceutical supply chain, SFI got its preferred label vendor to agree to the strict deadline, while its in-house regulatory team reviewed the labels and proposed improvements for on-label claims. Once the labels were approved for US distribution, SFI Health then organised the art files and sent them off for printing.

The outcome

Without advance notice, SFI Health, dietary supplement label supplier, designed and printed 80,000+ labels in less than seven days. This fast turnaround enabled the client to meet its shipping deadline and successfully launch its product in the US market. In this case, SFI Health’s in-house regulatory capability combined with its strong partnership with the printing vendor helped the client meet the tight turnaround time.

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