The challenge

The market-leading position of a client’s product range was suddenly at stake due to changes in the Claims Regulation set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The new requirements would severely restrict the number of health and nutrition benefits that could be claimed for products based on their ingredients and indication. This could have a huge impact on the market positioning of products, negatively affecting sales and consumers’ perception.


SFI Health solution

We began with a thorough examination of available retail data to ensure the right solution would synchronise with the product’s broader marketing challenges and opportunities. We then conducted a careful evaluation of alternative active ingredients that would allow us to cost-effectively deliver a suitably reformulated product with benefit claims that were in line with EFSA regulation, and which continued to be the same benefits loyal customers were familiar with.


The outcome

Our data-driven, market-informed reformulation solution, complemented with our end-to-end stewardship through the EFSA re-registration process, ensured our client’s product achieved full EFSA compliance, without the expense of having to change the manufacturing process. Reflecting our big-picture perspective, our solution also helped the client avoid sales disruptions across 20+ national markets, while the new formulation made it possible for the range to enter new markets, which grew the overall scale of their sales by an unprecedented 12%.

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