Entering a new market: do you have the regulatory expertise?

The challenge

When a multinational nutraceutical wanted to launch a practitioner’s product into the consumer market, it sought guidance in two areas. First, it needed to maximise potency of the product to distinguish it from competing products. Next, it needed to learn how to position the new formula in an unfamiliar market. Because the client was forced to deal with different regulatory requirements for label claims and marketing positioning statements, it needed the services of an experienced CDMO company to help prepare the product for entering a new market.

SFI Health solution

SFI’s cross-functional teams rose to the occasion by delivering results in both areas. From a formulation standpoint, SFI’s medical research team dug through academic journals and case studies to learn potency maximums for the target market and help the client achieve the desired potency. Around the same time, being expert in supplement and nutraceuticals regulation, SFI Health provided regulatory guidance to the client’s marketing team. This took the form of a workshop that provided detailed training on core ingredients and regulatory substantiation. This ultimately allowed the client to develop an effective marketing and pricing strategy, and launch a successful product.

The outcome

SFI helped the client formulate and launch the highest potency product in the category. This, in turn, opened discussions with new retailers, helping to expand market share. A key driver of this outcome was the educational workshop, a bespoke solution that gave the client the necessary information about nutraceuticals regulation and how to launch its product in a new market.

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