Accelerate launches by bringing analysis and production under one roof

The challenge

This leading Swiss pharmaceutical company wanted to introduce two new herbal products into the Swiss market, but its analytical lab was unable to deliver. The lab simply didn’t have the expertise to perform the microbiological analysis of the raw ingredients. The drugmaker considered using additional labs to perform the analysis, but that would introduce complexity and costly delays to the project. With retail contracts, product sales, and the company’s reputation on the line, it urgently sought an experienced lab that could deliver fast results and help ensure timely release of the products.

SFI Health solution

Specializing in herbals and extracts, SFI Health took over the microbiological analysis of the raw ingredients and finished products from its lab in Switzerland. As part of this solution, SFI Health developed an industry-first IT system to expedite analysis and certificate delivery. Whereas most labs simply notify clients when results are ready, SFI’s automated system enables the client to track their analysis from start to finish, and access certificates in real-time via an online portal. This transparency helps with planning and offers peace of mind in knowing where the analysis stands at any point in time. SFI Health additionally sped up the process by introducing a six-day workweek to fast-track incubation times. In the end, SFI Health provided a unique solution combining its herbal expertise, IT technology, and state-of-the-art facility to deliver fast results.

The outcome

With SFI Health, the client was able to launch the new products in a safe and timely manner. In fact, by switching to SFI for analysis, the client cut 2-5 days from the production process, helping bring its new products and samples to market much faster. In addition, SFI Health drastically cut complexity from the project by bringing all analysis and production under one roof.

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